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The new English Curriculum 2014 will provide opportunities for the children to develop their handwriting, phonics and spelling skills in a systematic and challenging way from Year 1 to Year 6. Children in the Foundation stage will also follow a phonics program.

​Within reading, the new curriculum places a greater emphasis on reading for pleasure and learning how to read fluently with an in depth comprehension when listening to books and reading them. There will be opportunities to explore and enjoy different authors and text types to promote a love of reading. Children will also be challenged in Guided Reading and within their daily individual reading to have excellent word reading skills.

​Within writing, the children will learn a thorough terminology of writing terms and the skills to be technically accurate with grammar and punctuation. The children will also learn a wider vocabulary and be able to use this vocabulary for different audiences in formal and informal situations. The children will gain confidence with the spoken word and have opportunities to recite poetry and explore drama activities.

​Using all of these skills together, the children will be able to write accurately in the various genres within fiction and non-fiction text types when exploring their theme and topic work.