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Across our maths in school, we are using a small steps 'mastery' approach. In practice, this means slower but more detailed coverage of key objectives, especially place value. It also provides far more opportunities for reasoning and problems solving for all pupils.

​We are using guidance and documentation from the maths hubs to enable us to deliver an in-depth, structured and effective curriculum. Below you will find the yearly overviews for each year group. Included in these documents are the background and rationale behind these programmes of study.

​EYFS are following the GLOW Maths Hub documents, whilst years 1-6 will follow those from White Rose Maths.

• EYFS Overview

​• Year 1 Overview

​• Year 2 Overview

​• Year 3 Overview

​• Year 4 Overview

​• Year 5 Overview

​• Year 6 Overview


Hello parents and carers! Now that schools are reopening, children will be reunited with their friends and teachers at last. Of course, we’re still some distance from ‘business as usual’ in schools, but White Rose Maths will very happily carry on helping you support your child to enjoy and master maths both in school and at home.

Here is a 10 minute video with activities to join in with:​